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More than a commercial general contracting and construction company, Mesh Corporation Ltd. offers you a wide range of commercial real estate services. As a result, we serve as your one-stop commercial property, contracting and construction shop.

From us, you have access to expert commercial real estate consulting, including:

General Brokerage Services

General brokerage services include marketing properties for sale or lease, tenant representation and advisory, and brokerage office, industrial, retail and investment properties. We’ll also help you analyze market opportunities, negotiate transactions, perform financial modeling, market, and comparable research analysis, develop properties and prepare documentation.

Tenant Representation

As tenant representation specialists, we can represent you during the process of acquiring facilities through lease or purchase. We’ll also help you define facility space requirements, identify and evaluate alternatives, negotiate lease and acquisition terms, prepare documents, and orchestrate the process of building out and moving into new facilities.

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Property Development:

Taking a team approach, we can help you with the development, construction or renovation of your properties and facilities. You also receive help with estimating, budgeting, feasibility, scheduling, project management, general contracting, and value engineering. You’ll find that our brokerage services and construction management specialists can contribute significantly to your tenant representation assignments by addressing a range of issues related to the build out of your facilities.

Strategic Planning Services

Develop effective long-range strategies for your real estate activities and identify significant real estate opportunities, with support from Mesh Corporation Ltd. We can help you analyze and integrate strategic initiatives that align with your business and financial objectives.

Research, Analysis, and Planning

Research, analysis, and planning are fundamental to all aspects of a commercial real estate. By pooling the core team members’ knowledge and expertise, each an authority in their respective market areas, we are able to help you fully anticipate and comprehend real-estate trends and plan and implement real-estate objectives. You may also arm your business with critical data you can use to make smart decisions, including historical transaction and ownership records, leasing and occupancy statistics, product availability, and economic trends and indicators.